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Reform GRG fabrication process - Moulds

Reform GRG fabrication process - Moulds

GRG modeling is rich and colorful, but to see some of the GRG strange shape, people generally think, GRG is how to make it? Today we will discuss the GRG components of the production process and mold production. GRG is in the mold through the jet process from the gypsum products. GRG forming depends on the corresponding shape of the mold of accurate production, high-quality mold GRG product quality is a necessary condition, mold production to ensure that the designer program with a high degree of consistency, GRG products can be installed to the designer's design intent come out.

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GRG moulds

GRG products are GRG special gypsum - ultra-fine crystalline gypsum (modified ɑ gypsum) as the base material and special reinforced glass fiber, Rui Fang unique GRG proprietary additives, in the mold through a special craft layer jet, In the comprehensive performance of the developed countries to achieve the quality standards. GRG products are high-density Alpha gypsum powder, glass fiber reinforced, as well as some small amount of environmentally friendly additives made of pre-cast new decorative materials, smooth and smooth surface of the product was white, smooth and delicate surface, delicate, whiteness of more than 90%, and And a variety of coatings and decorative materials can be a good bond to form an excellent decorative effect, environmental protection does not contain any harmful elements.
GRG mold materials are the main types of wood, silicone mold, glass steel mold, foam mold, all kinds of molds have different uses and scope of application. GRG foam mold is mainly produced by the engraving part of the programming through the five-axis CNC machining center produced for the complex shape of the strange plate. GRG woodworking molds are suitable for some regular modeling, and woodworking molds are mainly used for modeling complex and large plates. FRP die is mainly used for GRC production, can be used repeatedly. Guangzhou Rui Fang GRG has the most advanced CNC machining center, can be complex modeling CNC carving, 2D, 3D arbitrary shape can be produced; production process automatic, mold product quality and stability; machine production with high precision, high reliability, Artificial production of non-consistency and error of the poor control, while high production efficiency, stable production, can effectively protect the duration.

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