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Reform GRC Material Intrduction

Reform GRC Material Intrduction 

GRC English Full Name: Glassfiber Reinforced Cement, Full Name: Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement Products. GRC products are a kind of fiber reinforced concrete composite material with alkali resistant glass fiber as reinforcing material and cement mortar as matrix material. GRC products are widely used in exterior decoration of high-end buildings such as star hotels, museums and gymnasiums because of their shape, color and texture, and are excellent in waterproof, fireproof and soundproofing. GRC products due to the incorporation of anti-alkali glass fiber, making its performance in all aspects of the above compared to ordinary concrete has a qualitative leap, without reducing the advantages of concrete products in their own circumstances, GRC material significantly increased the cement products The bending strength, tensile strength, impact strength and reduce their own density. High-quality GRC products can reach the bending strength of 25Mpa, impact strength of 10-25KJ / m2, but its bulk density is only 1800-2000kg / m3, lighter than ordinary concrete products around 1/5. These features make the GRC more obvious than the prefabricated concrete and other cement products, especially when the thickness of the external wall material requirements, the bending, impact strength advantage will be more obvious.

GRC curtain wall,GRC wall panel

GRC wall panel

Reform GRC products due to the use of a unique continuous improvement of the GRC formula, with other manufacturers incomparable advantages:
1, good texture, texture and more
GRC products can be made on the surface of sandblasting, litchi surface, smooth and other different texture effects, can also be made of strip, hollow, relief and other different texture effect.
2, infinite plasticity
GRC products are raw materials according to a certain ratio of mixing, casting in the mold molding, can produce a rich shape, texture and diverse products. According to the different needs of customers and designers, any artistic style, the perfect realization of the designer's design dream.
3, rich colors, diverse shapes
GRC products using homogeneous through the heart of mineral raw materials, according to the needs of customers made a variety of different colors and different shapes of artistic effect.
4, light weight, high strength
GRC product bulk density of about 1.8-1.9,8mm thick standard GRC board weighs only 15kg, compressive strength of more than 40Mpa, bending strength of more than 34Mpa, much higher than the international standard.
5, environmental protection, no radiation
GRC products are renewable materials, is conducive to environmental protection. Raw materials do not contain radioactive nuclear elements, for the national level of radionuclides A class of environmentally friendly materials.
6, ultra-thin technology, large size
GRC curtain wall can be thinnest 5mm, the standard width of 900mm and 1200mm, length is not limited to meet the transport conditions can also be made of 5mm to any thickness, any size.
7, fire, waterproof
GRC raw materials are all non-combustible materials, the detection of A1 grade fireproof material. Long-term immersion in water, GRC material shape and safety coefficient changes very small, structure and performance are not changed.
8, anti-pollution, no deformation, super durable
GRC material wet and dry deformation of less than 0.123%, after a lot of experiments show that, GRC products with superior durability, not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, withstand wind and rain, weather resistance is much higher than the general building materials.
9, sound insulation, good shock resistance
According to GRC products and surface treatment of different thickness, can achieve a good sound insulation effect. Coupled with its light weight, high strength, relative to other materials to resist earthquake impact more.
10, short duration, easy maintenance, easy to replace
GRC wall panels can be large production segmentation, installation method is simple and diverse, and all for the factory prefabricated, is conducive to on-site construction, greatly shorten the duration.

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