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Reform GRG Material is Used for Accoustic Effect

Reform GRG Material is Used for Accoustic Effect  

GRG material has a good acoustic effect, we know that the top of the building is the main sound reflection surface, the audience hall and the wall off the surface of the ceiling ceiling, suspended in the audience hall over, as broad as possible to spread the effective frequency of diffusion Design GRG ceiling material, often designed to size the size of the block. So when hanging GRG ceiling, the acoustic reflector by the different width, the length of the arc combination of different, so you can ensure uniform sound field distribution. So as to achieve excellent acoustic effect.

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The viewing platform of the Auditorium is a place where reflections or echoes are often generated. In order to avoid sound problems such as echo and sound energy focus, the watchbars are usually curved. Short delay of the recent reflex sound to improve the sound quality is very favorable.
GRG side of the wall often also affect the acoustic effect, because the sides of the mouth for the arc reflection surface, so that the recent reflection of the focus to take care of the VIP seats, part of the side wall for the polyline processing, so that the sound reflected to the pool seat audience.
GRG material is not only used for GRG ceiling, and the side wall is also used GRG material, and the use of different scales of convex processing, but also play a certain role in acoustic diffusion, so that after the sound field and the former sound field pressure balance, which is GRG ceiling and GRG The wall is getting more and more popular.

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