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Reform GRG material introduction

Reform GRG material introduction

GRG English full name: Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum. GRG is a specially modified fiber gypsum decorative material, which is widely used in opera houses, concert halls, auditoriums and other buildings due to its randomness and unparalleled acoustic effects and good fire performance. GRG products are ultra-fine crystalline gypsum (modified ɑ gypsum) as the base material and special continuous rigid reinforced glass fiber, Rui Fang proprietary additives mixed in the mold through a special process of laminated pre-cast new decorative materials , In the overall performance to achieve the international quality standards. The surface of the product is smooth and smooth, the surface of the product is smooth and delicate, and the whiteness is over 90%, and it can be well bonded with various kinds of paint and noodle material to form an excellent decorative effect. The environmental protection does not contain any harmful elements. This material can be made into a variety of flat panel, a variety of functional products and a variety of artistic modeling, is currently the world's most popular building materials decoration industry replacement products. Under normal circumstances, architects are often recommended to apply in industrial and commercial buildings to resist the impact of high impact and increase the stability of the main ceiling. GRG materials due to its shape of the arbitrary and diversity, in recent years more and more used for a variety of architectural interior decoration.

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Guangzhou Reform has a unique modified GRG formula, the use of the company's formula to produce products with the following obvious advantages:
1. Infinite plasticity
GRG products are based on the drawings of the project into a production map, the first mold, fluid pre-cast mode of production, it can be made into any shape. Out of the requirements of the aesthetic art of architecture, the designer has imaginative innovative design, can help in the absence of the corresponding building decoration materials to help achieve. GRG material product modeling plasticity for the shape of the building to achieve a seamless product docking, designer design is the perfect realization of the dream; product management with 200 years of quality is cast the eternal art.
 2. No deformation
GRG products of the main gypsum on the glass fiber without any corrosion, combined with dry and wet shrinkage of less than 0.01%, so to ensure product performance is stable, durable, non-cracking, deformation, long service life.
 3. Light weight, high strength
 GRG material components of the standard part of the standard thickness of 3.2 to 8.8MM (special requirements can be thickened), the weight of only 4.9 to 9.8KG per square meter, can reduce the weight of the main building and component load. Experiments show that GRG product fracture load greater than 1200N, more than 10 times the international JC / T799-1998 (1996) decorative gypsum board fracture load 118N.
 4. will breathe
 GRG ceiling structure is a large number of microporous structure of the plate, in the natural environment, the porous body can absorb or release moisture. When the indoor temperature is high, the humidity is small, the plate gradually release the pores of the water; when the indoor temperature is low, when it will absorb the moisture in the air. This release and breathing form a "breathing" effect. This cycle of moisture and moisture changes to adjust the relative temperature of the role of the room, to work and living environment to create a comfortable microclimate.
5. fire
GRG modeling products belong to the A-level fire-resistant materials, when the fire occurs, it can be in addition to flame retardant, itself can also release the equivalent of their own weight 15% to 20% of the water, can significantly reduce the fire surface temperature and reduce fire losses.
6. Environmental protection
GRG material components without any odor, radionuclide limit in line with GB6566-2001 in the provisions of Class A decorative materials standards. And can be recycled, is a green material.
7. Acoustic effect is good
GRG ceiling products test results show that: 4MM thick GRG material, through the 500Hz 23d \ 100Hz 27db; air dry weight 1.75, in line with professional acoustic reflection requirements. After a good shape design, can constitute a good sound absorption structure, to achieve the role of sound insulation, sound absorption.
8. Short processing cycle
GRG material modeling stripping time only 30 minutes, drying time only 4 hours. So can greatly shorten the construction period.
9. Convenient construction
GRG component products according to the designer's design, any shape, can be large production, split. Field processing performance is good, the installation of fast, flexible, can be a large area seamless intact, forming a complete shape. Especially for the hole, arc, corner and other subtleties, to ensure that no error.
10. Material surface smooth, delicate
GRG modeling components to reach more than 85% whiteness, and can be a variety of coatings and decorative materials, good adhesion, the formation of an excellent decorative effect.

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