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GRC High Performance Curtain Wall Product Features

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GRC High Performance Curtain Wall Product Features

GRC products in the construction of the construction of the increasingly broad, and directly with the color GRC curtain wall as a building facade of the project is rarely known. High performance GRC curtain wall is made of special decorative layer, high performance GRC layer, GRC rib or steel frame and other materials made of composite. The product not only overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional GRC products easy to crack, deformation, in particular, also has a unique self-decorative effect and accurate shape and geometry, is a stone, glass and other curtain wall comparable to the new high-end curtain wall. High performance GRC curtain wall has the following characteristics:

 1, shape

High-performance GRC curtain wall using advanced manufacturing technology, with excellent easy to mold, can shape the style of style and cultural characteristics of outstanding architectural products for the current development of personalized building provides an ideal curtain wall materials.

2, format

High-performance GRC curtain wall using a unique manufacturing technology and scientific and reasonable structure and connection design, so that it can meet the larger size of the design requirements, the board up to 20m2 or more.

3, finishes

High-performance GRC curtain wall panels through a unique manufacturing technology, can be made with the traditional water, colored water and imitation stone, imitation wood and other decorative effect of a variety of products.

4, material

High-performance GRC curtain wall panels using a large number of cement and concrete in the field of new materials and new technologies to completely solve the current traditional GRC products long-term cracking, deformation and other difficult problems, but also significantly improve the strength of the material, Density and durability.

Guangzhou Reform Building Materials Co., Ltd. focus on high-performance GRC curtain wall research and development, if you are interested can call 136-6035-0235 (Miss Feng) / 181-8862-5571 (Mr. Liang)

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