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Three Characteristics of GRC Three Systems

source:Guangzhou ReformRelease date:2018-04-03 10:49:14browse:2316

            Three Characteristics of GRC Three Systems

GRC material as a new material in the building materials industry has been widely used, which is precisely because of its three systems and the top ten characteristics of the results.

GRC three major features of the system:1, authoritative: by the CEN Committee TC229 prefabricated concrete products group responsible for organizing the authority of the experts responsible for the preparation of the completion. The content of standards and related technical documents is convincing and intact.2, the system: under the standard, mainly divided into [design] - [manufacturing] - [installation] three modules, each module is seen as a whole element, mutual contact with each other, but also mutual conditions. Under the three modules is divided into several levels, the branches interspersed with each other to form an organic network.3, guidance: these standards are not mandatory, but the guidance, or called the recommended. Mainly for some common issues to make the principle of the provisions. But not modest two lines can be specified, but very subtle guidance of the recommendations.4, authoritative: This is not only to participate in the preparation of the experts is the authority of the industry, more importantly, the contents of the standard and related technical documents is convincing and perfect.5, practical: they are not unpredictable theory, but easy to understand, easy to learn, easy to grasp the practical technology.7, reliability: GRC commonly used manual workshop production, even in Europe as well. The technical level of the operator will directly affect the quality of the product. In order to avoid the quality of human factors arising from fluctuations, GRC European standard through the control of TechnologySystem played a very important role.8, compatibility: with different countries, different architectural system design standards have a good compatibility.9, flexibility: to meet the architectural designers of the ever-changing personalized design requirements, the standard system with the principle of both at the same time a very flexible and adaptable, according to the different natural environment to match the specific technical measures.10, economy: emphasizing the advanced nature of technology and economic rationality and harmony both.

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