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What is GRC composite wall panel

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What is GRC composite wall panel

GRC composite wall panels refers to the low basicity of cement mortar as the substrate, alkali-resistant glass fiber as a reinforcing material, made of sheet metal surface, by pouring or prefabricated, and filled with insulating material core, and other lightweight insulation Material composite made of new composite wall materials. GRC composite wallboard has high strength, high toughness, high impermeability, high fire resistance and high weatherability, and has good insulation and sound insulation performance because of the composite structure of GRC surface layer and high thermal resistance core material. Production GRC composite wall panels of the surface material and other GRC products the same. The core layer can be used with existing, castable cement expanded perlite mix material, can also use prefabricated insulation materials (such as rock wool board, polystyrene foam board, etc.). Generally used anti-molding process, forming the wall down the face of the template and the surface contact, so the finishes the quality of the finishes the wall is better. The GRC layer of the wallboard is generally made by direct jetting. The built-in reinforced concrete ribs are made of welded steel skeleton and C30 bean concrete made with sulphoaluminate early strength cement. According to the wall panel model, GRC composite wall panels can be divided into two types: single-open large plate and double-bay large plate. According to the insulation materials used, there are cement-perlite composite wall panels, rock wool board composite wall panels or polyphenylene Ethylene foam board composite wall panels and so on. GRC composite wall panels size large size, light weight, surface modeling rich, easy construction, it is particularly suitable for frame structure, especially in the high-rise frame construction as a non-bearing external wall hanging board use.

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