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Reform GRG material of the main application areas

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Reform GRG material of the main application areas

GRG products are GRG special gypsum - ultra-fine crystalline gypsum (modified ɑ gypsum) as the base material and dedicated continuous rigid reinforced glass fiber, our company developed proprietary additives (in line with the original British additive requirements), in the mold After a special process of laminated pre-cast new decorative materials, in terms of comprehensive performance to the British quality standards. Product surface smooth and smooth white, smooth surface material, whiteness of more than 90%, high-quality molding surface is conducive to any paint spraying. The formation of an excellent decorative effect, environmental protection does not contain any harmful elements. Features: It is mainly thin wall, light weight, high strength and non-flammable, and can adjust the humidity of the indoor environment, with its ability to achieve a comfortable living environment. Its high strength, high hardness and good flexibility, to meet the final made any shape, large size and texture effects of the product. In the 120 ℃ high temperature storage for 72 hours without deformation. This material can be made into a variety of flat panel, a variety of functional products and a variety of artistic modeling, is currently the world's most popular building decoration materials industry replacement products. Under normal circumstances, architects are often recommended to use in industrial and commercial buildings to resist the impact of high impact and increase its stability of the main ceiling. Due to the waterproof performance and good acoustic performance of the GRG material, it is particularly suitable for frequent cleaning and sound transmission places such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters and other places.

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GRG material application

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