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GRC construction and operation

source:Guangzhou ReformRelease date:2018-04-10 12:21:12browse:2519

GRC construction and operation

Although GRC is a new type of material, in fact, its operation and installation method is not as complex as we imagined. As long as the preparatory work before the construction and clear GRC operation of the specific process on it.



First, GRC construction before the preparation

According to the specific construction requirements to prepare GRC materials, pay attention to GRC specifications, styles, models and other standards meet the building requirements to avoid unnecessary trouble. The preparation of specific tools is also very important, there are scaffolding, electric drill, hammer and other professional tools.

Second, GRC operation specific process

1, to determine the specific location of the GRC installation line, according to the location of GRC to determine the location of the center line and block the control line.
2, for grass-roots treatment, GRC should be installed before the grass-roots treatment, clean up. And check whether the grassroots at the bottom of the GRC requirements.
3, the factory's GRC component itself has been equipped with a good embedded connection point, the installation of each contact must be connected firmly. Otherwise it will affect the component life. GRC should be placed in the same way as GRC, and the surface of the GRC should be in accordance with the GRC. The GRC should be fitted with 1: 1 cement mortar. Of the material modification, to ensure that can not leave traces.
4, block GRC pre-spell number, block GRC in the formal installation, to deal with specifications, color inspection, selection, after the pre-qualified after the number, for the formal installation of the conditions.

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