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Advantages of GRC curtain wall

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Advantages of GRC curtain wall

GRC can create relief frescoes, GRC components to create relief mural not only has a natural stone texture hard, wear-resistant, very weight-sensitive features, the more amazing is the GRC components to create relief texture of the surface of the murals and strong plasticity and expression, and GRC components to create relief mural anti-skid, moisture, corrosion, sound insulation, simple, elegant, noble, and other characteristics of the designer and decoration industry by the unanimous recognition, can be described as a rare art decoration materials.

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GRC curtain wall show

The spacing of the platens is too large or the strength of the platens is insufficient. Fire, lightning protection part. The thickness of the fire-resistant cotton is too thin or the fire-resistant partitions are too thin; the fire-resistant nodes are not careful; the lightning protection nodes at the telescopic joints are improperly handled, and the curtain wall lightning protection system can not be connected with the main lightning protection system.
The construction of curtain wall curtain wall is also sure to high-tech and multi-purpose target development, means to adapt to the growing environmental protection and energy to understand the market to meet the function of the important function of the curtain wall. However, many conditions under the curtain wall construction with some wind problems, a direct impact on the construction results.

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