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Reform--GRG material’s application at the international level

source:Guangzhou ReformRelease date:2017-11-02 12:57:58browse:1800

Reform--GRG material’s application at the international level

Guangzhou Reform have unique experience in GRG's manufacturing. Because of  the use of unique technology and formula, Reform GRG production have great advantages. So what is the situation in the international GRG material?
In foreign countries, especially the economically developed European and American architectural decoration, GRG materials production and application has been 30 years of history. Known as the world's Sydney Opera House, Dubai's seven-star sailing hotel and other top buildings, interior decoration are widely used GRG material. In China's building decoration industry in the use of GRG products are more and more, architectural style is also more and more colorful. Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou TV Tower, Shanghai World Expo UAE Pavilion, Egypt Pavilion, Shanghai Cultural Square and other projects, have successfully used GRG products to achieve the designer's design intent, GRG in the theater application is too numerous to mention. With the rapid development of China's economy and urban construction, GRG industry has been rapid development, the application of materials and application methods have also been widely expanded.
GRG products are tailor-made for different projects, designers through the GRG products can achieve their design philosophy. GRG material makes the perfect combination of architecture and art, for the genius designers to achieve their bold, avant-garde, and even crazy design dream, provides a realistic wings. Due to the waterproof performance and good acoustic performance of the GRG material, it is particularly suitable for frequent cleaning and sound transmission places such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters and other places. GRG material as a building interior decoration materials by designers and architects in large numbers used in the ceiling, walls, signs, panels, cylindrical, vault, dome, cornice and wall above.

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