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Guangzhou Reform--Identify the quality of GRC materials

source:Guangzhou ReformRelease date:2017-07-15 11:48:25browse:2289

Guangzhou Reform--Identify the quality of GRC materials

Reform GRC material's quality is very good, but consumers are always worried about the purchase of materials is inferior products, so the following by the Guangzhou Rui Fang teach you some way to identify GRC material is good or bad.
GRC is a beautiful decorative materials, although China's current production of GRC than many developed countries, but compared to the past has been a great progress, technology and technology has also been a lot of improvement. However, China's GRC materials still exist some defects, for example, some businesses in order to obtain more profits, often there will be cut corners or real phenomenon. So the purchase of GRC must grasp the comprehensive identification of GRC material quality method.
Among the many ways to deceive consumers, cut corners are the most common one, manufacturers often through the "virtual reality" way to deceive consumers, the use of GRC components in the middle part of the hard to be found, so often in the middle part Cut corners. This way can often be deceived to the general buyers.
For the above phenomenon, in order to deal with these undesirable phenomena, first of all, we need to understand the basic parameters of the material, and then calculate the weight of the component. At this time, we only need to simply measure the components of the manufacturers, they know whether the middle of cutting corners. In addition, by percussion to listen to its voice is also a method of identification.

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