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Applications of GRC

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Applications of GRC

Guangzhou Reform is a professional manufacturer of GRC, GRC design, production and installation, and so has a unique advantage. GRC's performance determines that it can withstand a wide range of erosion in external space, so GRC is generally used in the following areas:

1.Modern architecture As GRC architectural veneer light weight, simple installation, high strength, can be a large number of prefabricated in the factory, shorten the duration. GRC architectural plaque can be easily molded into a variety of shapes, strong surface texture, as a modern building enclosing components, with a strong architectural expression. GRC architectural plaques can also be used in a variety of modern buildings for local decoration. Modern architecture is increasingly focused on the so-called "local", "cultural" features, or a lot of style into the design. GRC building decorative components can be used to facilitate the local construction of local focus on decoration, to give architects a broad free creation space.

GRC curtain wall,GRC component

GRC curtain wall,GRC component in modern architecture

2. Classical style building. On the one hand, the classical architectural style itself has a rigorous proportion, the scale of grand, solemn style, decorative gorgeous features, visual effects are relatively strong. On the other hand, the classical architectural style embodies the continuity of the historical context of human society and satisfies people's social and psychological needs. Therefore, it is widely used in many commercial development and decoration projects such as commercial, office, square and high house. With the improvement of people's living standards, some people are tired of the monotony of modern style, nostalgia complex sometimes become their lifestyle. In a sense, classical architecture in a specific range to be revived is an inevitable trend of development. Therefore, the use of GRC board made of architectural decorative components modeling realistic and delicate, strong performance, is a very ideal to create a classical style of building materials. Its appearance and stone is very similar, but because of its large-scale industrial production, to overcome the high cost of stone processing costs, has become the classic European and American style building materials. Now Europe and the United States built classical style building, most of them are using GRC this material. GRC building decoration components for the classical style of the building to provide exquisite, almost fake real details of the decorative components. And by the GRC building decoration components low cost, easy installation, easy to carry out industrial mass production, can be a lot of use.

GRC curtain wall,GRC component

GRC curtain wall,GRC component in classical architecture

3. Interior decoration. GRC can also be used in interior design, such as decorative belts, fireplaces and so on.
4. Landscape. GRC is also used in a large number of landscape design, the construction of a variety of exquisite architectural sketches, fountains, flower pots, rest chair decoration.
5. Repair monuments. In the restoration of monuments in the project, GRC is a very important means of repair. The GRC component faithfully reproduces the damaged building blocks and is in line with international principles for the restoration and protection of cultural relics, that is, faithful reproduction of the material and the distinction between the material and the original building. In addition, the use of GRC trim can reduce the additional force on the existing structure, so it is a very good material.

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