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Ways to judge GRG material’s quality

source:Guangzhou Reform
Release date:2019-05-30 14:22:12browse:3583

Ways to judge GRG material's quality

GRG English full name: Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum, Chinese full name: glass fiber reinforced gypsum products. GRG material is a specially modified fiber gypsum decorative material, due to its random shape, but also has unparalleled acoustic effects, and has good fire performance is widely used in a variety of buildings. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements of the indoor environment is getting higher and higher.GRG as one of the most commonly used materials in interior decoration, GRG material quality is good or bad, directly affect the overall indoor environment design effect. So how should we judge the quality of GRG material? Here to tell you from two aspects to determine the quality of GRG quality:
1. From the color point of view, bad GRG components are generally used many times to do the mold, the lines are not clear, color is not natural. High-quality GRG components are generally high-quality mold, color clear three-dimensional sense is very strong can better reflect the decorative effect.
2. From the GRG raw materials to see, bad GRG products are discarded raw materials, from the surface to see some yellow or black, gently tapped by the words will be by the muffled voice, high-quality GRG material is With advanced gypsum as raw materials, it is natural white color, percussion sound is brittle.

GRG material,GRG ceiling

GRG material

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