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GRG material and product advantages

source:Guangzhou Reform
Release date:2019-07-19 12:17:00browse:2747

GRG material and product advantages

Because of the use of a modified unique formula, Reform GRG material's advantages and characteristics are what other manufacturers can not match, and its products also have many advantages. In general, its characteristics are as follows:

1.High strength Experiments show that GRG. Product fracture load greater than 1200N, more than 10 times the international JC / T799-1988 (1996) decorative gypsum board fracture load 118N.

2. Environmental protection. GRG material without any odor, radionuclide limit in line with GB6566-2001 in the provisions of Class A decorative materials standards. And can be recycled, is a green material.
3. Light weight GRG product flat part of the standard thickness of 4mm to 20mm (special requirements can be thickened), the weight per square meter only 5 to 10kg, can reduce the weight of the main building and component load.
4. will breathe. GRG is a large number of microporous structure of the plate, in the natural environment, the porous body can release moisture. When the indoor temperature is high, the humidity is small, the plate gradually release the pores of the water; when the indoor temperature is low, the temperature will be when it will absorb the water in the air. This release and breathing form the so-called "breathing" effect. This cycle of moisture absorption and release of the role played a role in regulating the relative humidity of the room, to work and living environment to create a comfortable microclimate.
Not deformed. Because of its main material gypsum on the glass fiber without any corrosion, combined with its wet and dry shrinkage of less than 0.01%, so to ensure product performance is stable, durable, non-cracking, deformation, long service life.
6. Material surface smooth, delicate, whiteness of more than 85%, and can be a variety of coatings and decorative materials, good adhesion to form an excellent decorative effect.
7. Short processing cycle. GRG product stripping time only 120 minutes, drying time only eight hours, so can greatly shorten the construction period.
8. fire. GRG material is a fire protection material, when the fire occurs, it can be in addition to flame retardant, itself can also release the equivalent of their own weight 15% to 20% of the water, can significantly reduce the fire surface temperature, reduce fire losses.
9. Convenient construction. GRG according to the designer's design, any shape, can be large production, segmentation. Field processing performance is good, the installation of fast, flexible, can be a large area seamless intact, forming a complete shape. Especially on the hole, arc, corner and other subtleties, to ensure that no error.
10. good acoustic effect. Detection of surface: 4mm thick GRG material, through the loss of 500Hz23db, 100Hz27db; air dry weight 1.75, in line with professional acoustic reflection requirements. After a good shape design, can constitute a good sound absorption structure, to achieve the role of sound insulation, sound absorption.

It is because the Reform GRG materials and products have so many advantages, so the use of a very wide range of GRG components, GRG wall, GRG modeling and so on.

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