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GRC Industry‘s Evolution


Guangzhou Reform
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GRC Industry‘s Evolution

First, GRC materials and products in foreign development

GRC products in the construction of the application began in the early 70s, the British architectural research institutions and Pilkington Glass Company conducted alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced cement products experiments. Then in 1966, the British invented the alkali-resistant glass fiber, and put into practical application. This glass fiber is called "cem-fi", which contains zirconia, can slow down and prevent the alkali in the cement glass fiber corrosion, and then make the durability of GRC products have been guaranteed. The invention and use of alkali-resistant glass fibers are the starting point for GRC products to be used in real buildings on a large scale.

GRC products production technology has slowly been introduced to the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and so the world more than 40 countries. According to statistics, in recent years the world has more than 600 companies engaged in GRC materials and product research and production.

GRC material,GRC component,GRC curtain wall

GRC component show

Second, GRC materials and products in China's development

GRC materials and products in China's prototype is similar to the asbestos tile thing, the liberation of the early, the lack of Chinese steel, timber is not the case, to expand the varieties of reinforced concrete products and the use of plans to make full use of reinforced concrete products instead of steel and wood. This is later to become a cement products, glass fiber, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other materials instead of steel, wood and cotton yarn "three generations" approach.

China's research on GRC materials and products began in the late 1950s. At that time, many technical staff to promote GRC materials and GRC products, but then the alkali-resistant glass fiber has not yet appeared, only in the GRC products using alkali-resistant glass fiber. This results in a rapid decline in the strength of the GRC product, which is not guaranteed for safety and durability. Therefore, the country once issued a document to ban the application of GRC products. Until the mid-1970s, China has resumed its research and application of GRC materials and products. On the one hand the development of alkali-resistant glass fiber, on the other hand the development of low alkalinity cement. These two aspects of research and development to the mid-80s have made a role. Then GRC materials in China from scratch to enter the field of use, and in the 1990s to get a big plan to promote.

Today, China has become a huge GRC materials and GRC products market, engaged in research and production of GRC materials and products have nearly 1,000 units, covering the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, touch construction, civil, agriculture and animal husbandry Fisheries, environmental art and military engineering. GRC components are also widely used, such as GRC wall panels, GRC curtain wall, GRC insulation plate, GRC insulation wall panels, GRC barrier, GRC furniture, GRC relief, GRC stairs, GRC components and so on.

GRC materials and GRC components due to environmental protection and quality of the characteristics of long-lasting, while GRC components of the shape and rich colors, I believe GRC materials will be more and more widely.

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