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GRG main kinds of build-in components

source:Guangzhou ReformRelease date:2019-07-13 10:10:57browse:3418

Reform GRG main kinds of build-in components 

     GRG component is a new type of building decoration materials, but also the most important and most common shaped building decoration materials. And the traditional architectural decorations are not the same, GRG components belonging to the West to introduce new components, exquisite appearance, a variety of modeling and long service life, won the favor and attention. Here we take GRG components as an example to talk about GRG products embedded parts of the most common forms.

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                                                                             GRG built-in component

GRG components embedded parts are the most common in four forms:
       GRG component embedded parts in the form of many, but in recent years the use of more and more common only four: direct probe, external probe, internal probe and dark four forms, different forms have Not the same characteristics, in different occasions for different forms of embedded parts have different requirements.

      GRG products Whether to choose what kind of embedded parts form, the most important thing is the quality, high-quality, high-quality GRG products is the most important point, high-quality GRG products not only high quality raw materials, and embedded parts Quality is also high.

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