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GRC GRG Flagship Manufacturer Reform Moved to New Factory

source:Guangzhou Reform
Release date:2017-07-14 00:43:55browse:2960

GRC GRG Flagship Manufacturer Reform Moved to New Factory

           Recently, GRC materials, GRG materials industry leader, Guangzhou Rui Fang building materials moved into the new plant. Guangzhou Rui Fang new building materials is in the "China-made" under the new situation, set up with beyond the times, innovative ideas of new building materials company, set GRC, GRG product development, design, production, installation, project management as one New building materials high-tech enterprises, the company's main members are the industry has more than 10 years of experience experts. Since the establishment of the company, continue to seek new development ideas, to undertake and high quality to complete the dozens of different GRC materials, GRG materials, decorative works, won a good social reputation and economic benefits for the development of new building materials industry, Made a prominent contribution.

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                                                         GRG material show

       We carefully study found that Guangzhou Rui Fang New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a very cultural connotation of the company, the company's business philosophy is "between the inch. Wisdom show", expressed the wisdom of the company to use wisdom to create the wisdom of the product concept. The GRC products, GRC components, GRC curtain wall to GRG ceiling, GRG products, GRG materials, are covered, is very strong in Guangzhou local GRC manufacturers and GRG manufacturers.
           We believe that with the new plant put into use, Guangzhou Rui Fang building materials in the GRC materials and GRG materials industry will develop better and better.

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