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Reform GRG Material was used by Large Construction Company in Xinjiang

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GRG Material was used by Large Construction Company in Xinjiang

GRG material (that is, glass fiber reinforced gypsum), as a new building materials, because of its environmental protection, safety and plasticity and other advantages has become one of the current trend of building materials, while GRG materials to make the architect more freedom, the perfect realization of their own design intent. It is also based on the outstanding advantages of GRG materials, Tianshan Group in the Science and Technology Museum and the Youth Palace of the key projects in the use of GRG materials as decorative materials. Science and Technology Museum and Youth Cultural Palace project on the acoustic made a high demand, must be on the indoor walls, ceiling and other parts of the material to make stringent requirements, and GRG material just with high efficiency acoustic reflection performance, which has been widely used, Science and Technology Museum and Youth Cultural Palace also Xinjiang became the first large-scale use of GRG materials project. Science and Technology Museum and Youth Palace project is committed to creating quality, for the indoor ceiling and other regional design is quite new and unique, and GRG material with a high degree of flexibility and plasticity, in one fell swoop accounted for more than 6,000 square meters of "country" GRG materials for the first time by large groups in Xinjiang, which GRG materials in Xinjiang, a large area of use has brought the promotion effect.

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        GRG products in Xinjiang for the first time, new materials, new technology GRG materials (glass fiber reinforced gypsum board), is the world's most popular building decoration materials industry replacement products, this material can be made into a variety of flat, Functional products and a variety of artistic modeling. In addition, due to GRG material modeling waterproof performance and good acoustic performance, especially for frequent cleaning and sound transmission and transmission of places, such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters and other places. GRG products with no deformation, light weight, high strength, will breathe, fire performance for the A-level, environmental protection without any smell, good acoustic effect, short production cycle, convenient construction, smooth surface, delicate features.

        GRG products are different from ordinary gypsum board, the building first requires safety, the use of GRG material modification, to a greater extent to ensure safety. GRG materials can also meet people's pursuit of beauty, compared to GRG products can shape any shape, in the installation can be seamless docking. And ordinary gypsum products can not meet this requirement, they are limited in shape, will produce in the ground will inevitably error. GRG material strength is particularly high, its fracture load can basically reach more than 1,200 Newton. But ordinary gypsum products will not work, or even can be said to be very low, more products can not withstand more than 200N of force. GRG material moisture absorption is very good, can be fine-tuning temperature, the outside of the water can be absorbed can also be released to improve the stability of the material. The maximum water absorption ratio can reach 15 percent. And ordinary gypsum products, water absorption, the maximum can only reach their own about 10 percent. At the same time, GRG material is a natural crystal of the object, will not produce any smell, even a little smell are not. As long as a reasonable recovery, you can re-enter the market use, you can use green materials to describe it.

       We believe that GRG materials and GRG components will be more and more attention and widely used, because in other countries he used a wide range of areas, such as GRG ceiling, GRG ceilings, GRG furniture, GRG art modeling, GRG wall, GRG curtain wall, GRG products, GRG decorative panels, GRG sheet and so on.

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