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GRG line installation process

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GRG line installation process

GRG lines are mainly used for indoor decoration, GRG in the rapid development of today, GRG lines are also increasingly widely used. GRG lines of the installation process is divided into two kinds, respectively, nail line method and stick line method.

GRG line,GRG

Reform GRG

First, GRG nail line method

Will GRG mold production is completed, and check the correct line in the mold on the hole, the hole diameter is generally 10 mm, put him in the need to install the location, with a pencil to draw the location of the hole drilled to prevent good cork, And then fixed by two people after the completion of cooperation.

Second, GRG sticky wire method

Sticky method using point-type installation method, but the interval between the two points can not be separated too much. The most important thing is the angle of the lines posted by the angle, we must press hard for more than a minute. Squeeze the overflow of the fast sticky powder with a finger to fill the gap can be seen.

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