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How to maintain GRG wall

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How to maintain GRG wall

Good quality GRG wall is not easy to be damaged, but still need to take some maintenance measures can be GRG wall survive.

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1, to avoid heavy objects hit the wall. Mild impact will leave traces of the wall, pitting; when the impact force exceeds the maximum breaking load of GRG products, will lead to wall cracking, severe cases may lead to wall off.
2, to keep the indoor ventilation. As far as possible to keep the indoor temperature, humidity and ambient temperature, humidity consistent.
3, due to external causes of damage caused by the wall, the damage to the site for reduction, maintenance, when the patch is completed, you can leave no trace, restore the original effect of the original wall.
4, in the clean up the wall, try to use less wet clean up. Wet contact may cause the GRG wall surface coating to react chemically, resulting in discoloration; as much as possible with a soft, dry items to clean up.
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