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Address:Room 1707, Block B4, wanda plaza, Nansha District, Guangzhou City

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Reform . GRC facade of building()

Project Details:                                 Reform . GRC facade of building

Project Started:Oct.2014   Project Completed:Feb.2016

GRG Quantity:15000 Sq. M    GRC Quantity:28000 Sq. M

GRC,GRC curtail wall,<building> 1

UMH building GRC facade 1

This building covers an area of 8670 square meters, the external walls of the GRC curtain wall, the use of GRG material wall made of various shapes, including GRG ceiling, GRG staircase handrails. GRC curtain wall to use the building to achieve the overall color and texture requirements, while some of the outdoor seats are made of GRC material, seamless with the external walls of materials, while a rough feeling. GRG curtain wall and GRG material ceiling use, to ensure that the entire building of the thermal insulation and silencing requirements, while GRG ceilings to ensure a good acoustic effect.

GRC material,GRC cladding,<building> 2

UMH building GRC facade 1

GRC,GRC material,<building> 3

UMH building GRC facade 2

GRG,GRG material,<building> 4

UMH Building GRG wall and GRG ceiling

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