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Welcome to Guangzhou Reform New Building Material Co.,Ltd.
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Address:Room 1707, Block B4, wanda plaza, Nansha District, Guangzhou City

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1. Get to know Reform

Guangzhou Reform New Building Materials Co., Ltd is a high-tech company with innovative ideas beyond the times. It was builtunder the new situation of "Intelligently Made in China", which integrates GRC, GRG FRP products development, design, production, installation and project management. Main members of Reform are all experts that have worked in this industry for more than 10 years.

Company name "Reform" comes from the Chinese name "rui fang". In chinese,"rui" means intelligence, "fang" means formula, squares. As a whole, firstly, it means intelligent formula which represents Reform's original and matured GRC, GRG formula. Secondly, itmeans every piece of product made by Reform is the crystallization of intelligence, is the combination of intelligences of architects, mouldengineers, production engineers and installation engineers. Thirdly, it means that each project by Reform perfect, intelligent work of art.All above comesto Reform's corporate philosophy - "Intelligences in Forms."

Since the establishment, Reform seeks for development with innovation ideas, undertook and completed dozens of different GRC, GRG decoration projects with the highest quality, won a good social reputation and gained  good economic benefits. Through the past years, Reform made a understanding contirbution to the development of new building materials industry.

2. Reform's business philosophy and businessprinciple

Business philosophy - "Intelligences in Squares", express the concept that Reform produces intelligent products with its intelligences.

Business principle - "All based on integrity and quality", express theself-confidence and determinationtoobtain client's recognitionby integrity and high quality.

3. Reform's Specialty

In the years of practice and the efforts of Reform technology center, Reform continues to optimize the GRC and GRG formula, and formed its own original and matured formula finally. Produts made with Reform's GRC, GRG formula have below advantages: high surface hardness, highmechanical strength, nocracking, no peeling, not layered.

Reformintroduced advanced manufacturing technology and equipments into the GRC and GRG product design and production. The use of CNC machine tools greatly improves the efficiency while reducing the inevitable artificial errors. The product accuracy can meet different engineering requirements.

In the recent past years, Reform was recognized as a trustworthy company, especially in GRC curtain wall projects in large airports, star hotels, stadium and GRG decoration projects in enterprise-class exhibition hall, theater, auditorium, hotel, club. Reform has become aprofessional company that integratesdesign, production, installation and project management.